E-Fit for Rehabilitation

Our medical device can primarily be used for rehabilitation after injuries and correction of poor body posture caused by the excessive sitting work. It is also designed as a preventive tool to strengthen weakened paraspinal and skeletal muscles, or treat existing pathological conditions. Whether for rehabilitation or fitness centres, this device is perfect to widen the treatment portfolio with about 20 minutes once or twice a week, in combination with posture-improving exercises worked out by physiotherapists.

The possible field of use is broad. Sportsman after injuries may help their regeneration to get back to their favorite playtime faster. Patients may get their muscles re-educated faster after operation or long convalescence. Elderly could use E-Fit sessions as a joint friendly way to get regular exercises and prevent muscle disuse atrophy.

The effects of the treatment could appear rather quickly: after 8 to 10 sessions, the tone and supportive function of paraspinal and dorsal muscles improve significantly, thereby relieving the load on the spinal discs and vertebrae. A technical vest, specially designed for this application, allows the placing of electrodes in a targeted manner.

This type of E-Fit training is perfect for overwhelmed employees who wish to replace time-consuming traditional forms of training, which may take up several hours, involving travelling and getting changed with a 20-minute training sessions. A 20-minute conscious workout is enough to increase the quality of life.


Muscle re-education: rehabilitation, and local therapy

Increasing local circulation: fighting bedsore with active training or passive treatment

Retardation and prevention of disuse atrophy: therapic and preventive muscle strenghtenin

Release of spasticity: to reduce pain

Increase of joint movement range

Prevention of deep venous thrombosis: by stimulating the lower limb


Cloud-based training management system through Android application

Individual parameters available

Innovative Impulse-Shift Technology (IST)

LCD display with user-friendly menu

Battery operated option