Positive results, effects what you can achieve using the E-Fit Beauty&Slim

  • Cellulite treatment
  • Skin tightening
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Increased metabolic activity
  • TENS-effect
  • Body shaping
  • Toning of the body
  • Relieving muscle stiffness
  • Reliving back pain
  • Relaxation

  • EMS Technology

    Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, is a technology based on several decades of research and development work, and is successfully applied in the areas of fitness, rehabilitation as well as the beauty industry. EMS technology passes on stimulation directly to the muscles, causing the muscles to contract and then relax in a concentrated form.

    One of the main benefit of muscle stimulation comes from the intense muscle contraction, which effectively reaches the deeper muscles as well. Furthermore, the EMS technology plays a major role in improving blood circulation and increasing the metabolism to remove the excess by-products.

    Infrared heat-therapy

    The E-Fit Beauty&Slim provides all the positive effects of the infrared heat-therapy.

    Scientific researches attribute numerous benefits to infrared heat-therapy with a history going back thousands of years.

    These include the following examples: improving metabolic processes of the cells, accelerating the degradation and elimination of waste materials, eliminating cellulite and decreasing fat deposits; they also help activate the immune system and self-healing mechanisms. Calorie burning also increases as a result of a boosted blood supply. Thus, due to the effect of the infra heat-therapy our body is able to detoxify itself, and the skin eventually becomes more supple and tight. Heat also alleviates muscle stiffness, facilitates relaxation and relieves chronic musculoskeletal pain.

    Wide range of opportunities

    Active and passive programs make the E-Fit Beauty&Slim device exceptionally versatile


    The Thermocare Shorts

    Heatable EMS shorts for passive treatments, developed for the problematic areas

    The infrared waves are especially harmless, since they are able to penetrate through the upper layers of the skin without being absorbed by them. The heating effect is produced in the deeper layers, this stimulates the blood circulation potentially improving the oxygen supply of the organs, the blood vessels will dilate, and the whole circulatory system may be activated.

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    The ThermoCare Jacket

    Heatable EMS jacket for relieving and treating spine and back problems and alleviating the stress in the back.

    The heating system of the ThermoCare Jacket utilises long infrared waves, which penetrate deeply into the tissues, this way they may boost the metabolism and blood circulation. Relaxing the tissues may reduce and even completely eliminate any pain the patient may have.

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    Business, dream, reality with E-Fit Beauty&Slim

    painless and safe treatment / no risk or side effects / high quality guaranteed by international certificates / minimal space footprint required / combination with other beauty treatment (e.g. facial) / superb market expansion opportunity / high return on investment