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Fit-Pro Ltd. develops and manufactures the E-Fit™ Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) products and distributes them worldwide for 10 years. A 20-minute active E-Fit workout with a personal trainer or a 20-minute passive infrared heat-therapy treatment per week is ideal to boost your well-being and achieve your dream body.

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E-Fit Business Solutions provides professional services, covering areas of innovative fitness, beauty and wellness technologies. Next to our premium products, we offer comprehensive services, like worldwide academy system, customer-oriented technical support, ready-to-use sales and marketing materials. The E-Fit proficient team contributes to the success of the business and go over the opportunities for its implementation and use.

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Relative market growth of EMS vs Fitness Market

Nowadays people are willing to spend more and more money for improving their health and consider physical exercises, trainings and sport as the key of a healthy, happy and fit lifestyle. Thanks to this trend across developed countries, the fitness industry has been growing continuously in recent years.

There are thousands of possibilities to achieve your fitness goals, but none of them are as effective as the Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (short form: WB-EMS) workouts, that became the newest and beloved trend in the fitness arts;

WB-EMS training offers the fastest solution to be fit and healthy. It is a time saving fitness method (only 20 minutes twice a week) that is ~4 times more effective than a traditional, 90-minute training. So you can get better results in a modern and timesaving way.

Why EMS?

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High return on investment

E-Fit offers an outstanding business opportunity with its’ innovative Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) to turn your business dream into reality.

Investing in EMS business needs low maintenance and operational costs and ensures high return on investment. The latest E-Fit device, the E-Fit Infinity offers even more. It gives the possibility to train up to 10 people at the same time and earn 10 times more money. Furthermore thanks to its’ mobility and the stable wireless connection you can apply it for indoor and outdoor trainings as well.

Based on our partners’ experiences with the E-Fit support you can multiply your business’ revenue in a short time and help thousands of people to be fit and healthy.

  • Stand Alone Studio

    This type of studio is ideal for investors seeking to open an independent and exclusive studio. This studio is typically the main/biggest studio in the area with the highest yearly attendance.


    Ample space and luxury

    Typical location
    City center, shopping mall, upscale area

    Space requirement
    Between 60-120 m², accommodates 2-3 devices.

    The ample space enables the establishment of separate areas for all equipment.

    The wide range of accessories is a guarantee for satisfying all premium customer needs.

  • Shop-in-Shop Studio

    The Shop-in-Shop Studio has been created for those investors who would like to open an E-Fit Studio, but don’t want an independent studio or the physical parameters only allow a smaller studio. Typical locations for a shop-in-shop studio are shopping centers or a part of a fitness studio.

    Availability and luxury

    Typical location
    In gyms, hotels, cruise ships or river boats

    Space requirement
    Between 60-80 m², accommodates 2 devices

    The separate area helps to ensure that no other conditions disturb
    the E-Fit workout.


    The mobile training with E-Fit Connect PRO is the perfect choice for personal trainers who don't want to be tied to a specific location, prefer the freedom of training, don't want to pay a monthly rent and don't have a large amount of capital available. It provides single or dual training opportunities using only your smart device (smartphone or tablet).

    Flexible and exclusive

    Typical location
    At client’s home or outdoors

    Space requirement

    • 4 m2 for single training
    • 8 m2 for dual training

    Ideal for the living room or garden


    Our Beauty&Slim device fits perfectly into beauty salons as an additional extra service. The unit takes up little space, so there is no need to expand existing premises. The treatments provided by the device are a great complement to body treatments, enhancing their effects, but are also effective on their own for a variety of muscle and skin problems.

    Expanding existing services and attracting new clients

    Typical location
    Beauty salons

    Space requirement
    20-30 m2

    E-Fit Beauty&Slim treatments can be provided on the cosmetic treatment bed.

  • Corner Studio

    The Corner Studio is the one with the smallest space requirement. We recommend this type of studio for example to those investors who already have stand alone or shop-in-shop studios, but would like to expand their business in the country.

    Conscious use of space and effective way of generating an extra revenue stream

    Typical location
    In a corner of gyms or hotels.

    Space requirement
    Between 30-50 m², accommodates 1-2 devices

    The conscious use of space is the key feature here.

    With no walls to prevent distraction from the E-Fit workout, it is recommended to choose a quiet corner of the gym.

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Are you planning to become a distributor of one of the most experienced WB-EMS brands, which can market and sell its WB-EMS product legally even in the US?

Be our exclusive distributor and take advantage from our uniquely wide and high quality product range (with FDA)

Based on more than 10 years of experience on the WB-EMS market, E-Fit offers the widest product portfolio with novel innovations for the fitness, beauty and rehabilitation sectors. The E-Fit device sets are available already from net €12.200. For special offer, please contact us.

  • E-Fit Infinity

    professional WB-EMS device for fitness professionals

    direct peer to peer wireless connection

    opportunity for group workouts

    unlimited freedom thanks to the unique Off Range function

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  • E-Fit Beauty&Slim

    innovation in the beauty industry

    WB-EMS technology with infrared heat-therapy

    Most effective cardio workout for slim body

    Effective cellulite treatment

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