About E-Fit

E-Fit, a flagship brand of Fit-Pro Ltd., represents innovation and versatility in the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) industry.

The Hungarian-owned company, with over a decade of expertise, has expanded its influence beyond fitness, making impactful contributions to the beauty and medical sectors. E-Fit’s diverse EMS applications serve various consumer needs effectively.

We at E-Fit offer more than fitness enhancement; our EMS solutions are innovating in beauty treatments and medical therapies. This wide-ranging application of our technology has made E-Fit a globally known brand in several markets.

E-Fit products, chosen for their quality and effectiveness, are favored by professionals in fitness, beauty, and healthcare. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology, continuously advancing our products to improve fitness, beauty, and health experiences.

Our team is dedicated to spreading E-Fit's values, influencing a healthier, more aesthetic, and fitter future globally. E-Fit by Fit-Pro Ltd. symbolizes innovation and versatility, reshaping the landscape across fitness, beauty, and medical fields with pioneering EMS solutions.

CEO’s Greeting

On behalf of myself and all my colleagues, I warmly welcome you to the website of our company, the Fit-Pro Ltd.! My name is János Papp, the founder, owner and CEO of the E-Fit brand. The E-Fit brand is a dream came true that was born more than 10 years ago. At that time, the use of EMS technology for fitness purposes was still largely unknown, despite the fact that in our ever-fast-paced world, this highly effective form of exercise can provide many people with a solution.

When I first encountered this type of technology on the market, the rather rudimentary full-body EMS training devices offered their users a much more unpleasant, even painful workout alternative. I thought that by developing our own product that gives us the freedom to design the right technical clothing and develop a solution that minimizes the load on the body, we meet a real need. We created the E-Fit brand and the IST technology, which, along with many other developments, has become one of our most important patented competitive advantages.

We are proud that E-Fit is still a 100% Hungarian-owned, Budapest-based, innovative EMS-manufacturer company whose main goal is to provide state-of-the-art equipment and accessories to the EMS users all over the world. Currently, we are present in over 65 countries with 2,500 E-Fit studios completing the lives of tens of thousands of people with the E-Fit experience every day. These make E-Fit unique in the world.

We make everything for a better future

Our mission

Our mission is to showcase the advantages of E-Fit technology to individuals of all ages and athletic abilities, from top athletes to busy professionals seeking to stay in shape. We also strive to provide elderly individuals with an alternative option to initiate a more active and exercise-rich lifestyle, with our focus on efficiency, customisation, discretion, and speed.

At the core of our mission is our commitment to helping those who are ready for a lifestyle change to adopt a more active, healthier, and health-conscious way of life. Our ultimate goal is to make E-Fit training methodology a standard practice in sports centers and gyms not only in Hungary, but also worldwide. We place great emphasis on educating the trainers at the E-Fit Academy because we would like everyone around the world to have access to the highest level of E-Fit experience. We believe that with proper expertise and skill, EMS is a new, safe, fast and enjoyable way to maintain fitness, muscle mass, and overall health.

Our system is certified by the world’s leading inspection, verification and certification company


    In this fast-paced world, where time and energy are scarce commodities, we often neglect our dietary habits and exercise routines. E-Fit offers a solution with 20-minute training sessions twice a week, catering to those aiming for a fitter, healthier, and more mindful lifestyle. Alongside studio sessions, E-Fit now introduces home workouts facilitated by individualized mobile trainers through the E-Fit Connect device.


    The engineers at E-Fit have developed a portable unit designed to facilitate training and posture improvement even within the confines of a work environment. These posture-improving exercises, devised by physiotherapists and complemented by E-Fit devices, require only 20 minutes of commitment per session. Completing these exercises once or twice a week can yield significant improvements.


    E-Fit doesn't just revolutionize the realm of sports and physical activity; it has also proven effective in rehabilitation. By focusing on preventive measures to strengthen core and spine-supporting muscles and engaging in targeted training of deep muscles, E-Fit aids in the treatment of individuals with established medical conditions.