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About E-Fit

Fit-Pro Ltd. develops and manufactures the E-Fit Electrical Muscle Stimulation devices and accessories and distributes them worldwide.

The company, Fit-Pro Ltd. is a completely Hungarian owned company with more than 10 years of experience in the EMS market. Thanks to the E-Fit researches and innovations, the E-Fit products are nowadays one of the most popular EMS brands worldwide and its highly trained staff is assisting thousands of partners and clients, spreading the E-Fit values further.

The E-Fit values

premium qualitycustomer-oriented solutionsinnovative technologymarket-leading safety featuresglobal presence

E-Fit is a revolutionary fitness training method based on EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology. A 20-minute active workout with a personal trainer and an E-Fit device per week is all that is required to boost your well-being.

We make everything for a better future

Our mission

Our goal is to demonstrate the benefits of the device and the technology to all age groups and participants in all sports, be it top-class athletes or busy businessmen wanting to keep fit. We offer help and an alternative option to the elderly in beginning the move towards a more active and exercise-rich lifestyle. The basic philosophy of the E-Fit service rests on efficiency, customisation, discretion and speed.

At the heart of our mission is our endeavour to help those ready for a lifestyle change to develop a more active, healthier and health-conscious way of life. Our goal is to make the use of the training methodology offered by the E-Fit device standard practice in sports centres and gyms both in Hungary and throughout the world.

Our system is certified by the world’s leading inspection, verification and certification company

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