Innovation from Space to Everyday Life: The Successful Visit of the Space-Fit Team at ESTEC

Recently, our Space-Fit team visited the European Space Agency's Technology Center (ESTEC) in Noordwijk. During the meeting, they discussed joint development opportunities and technological collaborations.

The main topic of discussion was SmartWear, a specially developed technology that can contribute to monitoring astronauts' health and performance and preventing atrophy caused by microgravity. As part of the collaboration, further optimization of the development processes is planned, aiming to enhance the efficiency of the technology.

Additionally, extended testing processes are underway with the help of E-Fit, which aims to develop the best algorithms. The Space-Fit team is also proud to have recently won a significant grant, which provides additional support for development.

The visit and grant success are important steps in the team's development and promote technological innovations. We look forward to future developments that will apply space technology to everyday life.

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