In this article we would like to introduce you another successful E-Fit enterprise and our Jordan distributor, Anas Al Qawasmi, who is the founder and owner of the studio chain, E-Fit Jordan. We asked Anas about the beginnings, the difficulties that he faced on his road towards success and also about his accomplishments. Learn more about his story below:

"The journey started in 2017, when E-Fit Jordan launched its first studio in the capital, Amman. The beginning was not easy due to the strong competition in this area, but we avoided entering into price wars with our competitors on purpose. Unlike others on the EMS market, we departed with only two E-Fit devices because our constant intention was to maintain quality over quantity. We decided to choose a different way to distinguish E-Fit, thus have positioned our services to the top. We didn’t focus much on immediate financial returns but had a steady growth strategy accompanied with building a reputation for quality and results. We have strived to highlight E-Fit by offering exclusive and high quality services, also providing our customers privacy, comfort and real one-to-one personal training experience."

Thanks to their loyal and satisfied clients, their main marketing strategy to this day is still the “Word of Mouth”. Not too long after opening the first studio, E-Fit Jordan’s team started seeing new clients coming to them from their direct competitors who were at that stage asking around 20-30% lower prices than what they charged. These guests, among others, valued EMS for its time effectiveness but complained about not experiencing as much results as they were expecting after having attended tens of training sessions with the competitors’ devices. However, they heard impressive opinions about E-Fit from users who witnessed very spectacular results, so they decided to move to E-Fit!

Today, E-Fit Jordan has the largest number of EMS devices in the country (Fitness, Medical and Beauty) with 13 E-Fit Certified Personal Trainers, hundreds of clients and thousands of sessions conducted in 4 locations. Over operating the studios with 93% of client satisfaction rate, they are also sponsoring and supporting many local athletes and national teams’ players as one of the most well-known EMS brands in Jordan.

But behind this success there's something that cannot be measured and, besides the safe and innovative E-Fit Technology, still gives the essence of running a prosperous enterprise: the right people: “We value our team members and treat everyone at E-Fit Jordan as family and thus, we almost have a zero employee turnover rate, which means, everyone who joined our company during our first days is still part of the team!” added Anas.

Anas wanted to give a better insight into the world of E-Fit Jordan’s EMS studios, so he shared the details and results of their recent challenge.

They have launched a 30-day challenge for their clients based on two segments, muscle building and fat loss. With the same exercises, same programs and parameters and setted diet plan, the results are impressive. The winners in the two categories are:

Muscle Mass Category:

Muscle Mass Gained: 1.6 KG
Fat % Lost: 2.8 %
Fat Lost: 2.2 KG
Number of Sessions: 5 E-Fit Whole-Body Trainings & 4 Beauty&Slim Treatments

Fat Loss Category:

Fat % Lost: 2.4% Fat Lost: 2.7 KG Muscle Mass Gained: +0.1 KG Number of Sessions: 7 E-Fit Whole-Body Trainings

Congratulations on the results and also on the E-Fit Jordan Team’s work!

Contact us if you also want to be part of this success.