Tips for EMS studios – PLACE, PRICE, PRODUCT

Every successful business requires good marketing that starts with putting the right PRODUCT in the right PLACE, at the right PRICE and time . The Marketing Mix is supplemented with a 4th P as well, which stands for PROMOTION. In this article we show you how the first 3 P’s application fits into a prosperous business model, through the E-Fit BeNeLux distributors’ example. In our next article you can get to know some of their promotion ideas too.


As we presented in our previous articles, our Belgian distributors have just opened their 100th studio in Belgium. You can see all the E-Fit studios in Belgium indicated with blue dots on the map below.


At the very beginning of launching their business, Stephanie and Andy decided to always take into account the right distance between E-Fit studios in case of expansion. They targeted to establish studios for territories that cover at least 20,000 people. This distance is deemed enough to maintain a healthy competition between salons, without the exposure of attracting each other’s clients.


Due to the strict commercial policies of Belgium, Andy and Stephanie set up a standard price of 35 EUR/training session in each E-Fit studios. This strategy helps to avoid price competition between E-Fit studios and assures all clients that they are provided with the same quality of services for the same amount of money.


As Andy pointed out in one of our interviews, he wanted to distribute not only a simple EMS device, but an outstanding, state-of-the-art product. After thorough research, he ended up choosing E-Fit and since then already sold more than 200 E-Fit devices. Andy knew at the beginning that choosing the right brand providing the highest quality would be a key success factor. E-Fit, over providing an exceptional fitness EMS device, has solutions for rehabilitation and beauty sectors as well. Thanks to the continuous innovations, customers will never get bored in a Belgian E-Fit studio as the brand constantly develops its product portfolio to fulfill all needs.

Currently you can choose from the following services:

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