METODOS, the beloved beauty salon in Pescara extended its wide professional beauty services with the new, unique E-Fit Beauty&Slim ThermoCare and Cardio solutions. METODOS is famous from its innovative aesthetic methods, so the state-of-the-art E-Fit Beauty&Slim device fits perfectly to the METODOS-concept.

This well-known E-Fit Electrical Musle Stimulation technology combined with infrared heath-therapy is available in Pescara already from the 17th of March, 2018.

Since the opening day many customers, who desire for beauty and health have already tried and experienced the multiple positive effects of the E-Fit Beauty&Slim solutions, like:

- Body shaping

- Cellulite treatment

- Skin tightening

- TENS-effect

- Relaxation

If you would like also to feel and discover the E-Fit Beauty&Slim experience, visit the METODOS Team in Pescara:

Or feel free to contact the E-Fit Team directly on the following email address: