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E-Fit Mask
E-Fit Mask
E-Fit Mask

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Get your stylish E-Fit Mask now!

The E-Fit Team is constantly striving to maintain and maximize hygiene. To help our clients in these difficult times we had taken the protection to a new level, and invented a stylish, lightweight, breathable face mask.

  • The skin-friendly inner surface is made of 100% pure, biocompatible cotton fabric for comfortable wearing.
  • The middle lining is made of genuine silver-infused* cotton which prevents the spread of pathogens, as it is 99,9% antibacterial.
  • The outer cover is made of breathable and durable Airnet fabric.

As a result of the strong and durable material, washing the masks at higher temperatures (even at 60 Celsius) is possible. Thanks to its special design and lightweight fabric it is very comfortable to wear even while doing sports.

Buy it now for €20/pc!

Purchase more and save money! If you buy 100 pcs: you pay only €15/pc!
(Please note, that the minimum order quantity is 5 pcs!)

Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes. Small size recommended for women. Large size recommended for men.

*Warning: in case of silver allergy, please contact us before buying!

*The prices shown in the figure above are net prices, excluding VAT. Without a valid EU VAT number, the amount supplemented with Hungarian VAT (27%) has to be paid.

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