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Package P1 (EF-2090-TW31-P1)

E-Fit Infinity device with stand (1 pc) | EF-2090, EF-STAND29-BK

  • Infinity Dynamic Wear With electrodes & cables | 4 pcs EF-Jacket31 + 4 pcs EF-Short31 (S, M, L, XL)
  • Underclothing Set (1XS, 2S, 3M, 2L, 1XL, 1XXL)
  • Wetting Pump 1 pc EF-WP
  • Electrode "F" 10 pcs
  • Arm & Leg Streps Without electrodes & cables (1 set = 2 pair EF-ARM28 & 1 set = 2 pair EF-LEG28)
  • AC/DC Adapter for E-Fit Infinity with worldwide plug (1 pc EF-AC.GSM60A12-P1J
  • Arm & Leg Streps Cable Set without electrodes (1 set = 8 pcs EF-ANT-XT-SET)
  • E-Fit Infinity Wireless Unit 1 pc EF-100 Unit

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