E-Fit Beauty&Slim blasted the beauty industry with its unique top-class EMS-based aesthetic treatments. E-Fit is the market leader in the EMS-based beauty treatments and with E-Fit Beauty&Slim, clients can choose from a wide range of services from passive treatments, i.e. passive toning, where the required activity is minimal, to active treatments and exercises, such as cardio exercises, or even more intensive workouts.

The E-Fit Beauty&Slim opens new dimensions in passive toning with the ThermoCare solutions.

The special ThermoCare Shorts help in the fight against cellulite and makes skin firmer. E-Fit Beauty&Slim device increases the local metabolic rate and blood circulation. The E-Fit beauty solution can boost your skin’s texture, firmness and overall look.

It can be a new opportunity for cosmetics and fitness businesses that offer external treatments, or that just want to expand their services.

We developed ThermoCare Jacket with a focus on improving the quality of life of those suffering from upper and lower back pain. Therefore it can be used for two distinguishable purposes:

1. Prevention: Pain in the upper and lower back is most commonly caused by bad posture, incorrect sitting posture, and weak stabilizer muscles. The E-Fit ThermoCare Jacket helps to strengthen these muscles in order to prevent the development of problems.

2. Treatment: The ThermoCare Jacket can also be used for treatment when lower back pain occurs due to the stiffness and spasm of the back muscles. Thanks to its special design, the ThermoCare Jacket can relax muscles, thus contributing to the Besides the passive toning we brought a new generation of cardio training with E-Fit! The special shorts with high waistband help to fight cellulite on the sensitive areas such as thighs, gluteus or abdominal by increasing the local metabolic rate and blood circulation.

The E-Fit system offers a huge opportunity for those who want to open up a new business which is unique in its sector.