After the quieter months of the recent difficult period behind us, our lives are slowly but surely returning to normal. In parallel, we are continuing our E-Fit success story series as well with renewed momenum and great pleasure: this time with the announcement and brief introduction of one of the latest E-Fit family members. Come with us and get an insight into E-Fit Czech Republic's story and operation!

The E-Fit showroom and studio in Czech Republic, precisely in Hradec Králové has opened its doors in May 2020. The city of Hradec Králové, with a great historical past (traditionally also called the city of Czech queens) lies at the confluence of the Elbe and the Orlice rivers, and is located in the northeastern part of the country.

Within the brand new salon, there are both E-Fit Infinity and E-Fit Beauty&Slim devices presented and prepared for applicants from all over Czech Republic.

The studio is open to all guests who want to shape their bodies with the latest EMS trainings or beautify themselves with a cosmetic treatment provided by EMS technology with the most modern devices available on the market.

The studio is very proud to welcome among its first permanent guests Lukáš Holub, the Czech Republic’s academic badminton champion who is also the current doubles champion of the country. As a top athlete, Lukáš finds E-Fit EMS training an excellent training method, which is also a great help during his preparation for the competition season.

E-Fit Czech Republic won‘t stop growing within the walls of this charming little town, they are gradually extending their presence across the country under the brand name DEJSIDVACET.

We are looking forward to the developments and further Czech E-Fit success stories, stay tuned until then, we will definitely report on everything!

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