Business promotion award for E-Fit in Thessaloniki

We are more than proud to publish some great news of our Greek partner’s E-Fit enterprise. Poppy Dounou, the owner of E-Fit Soma studio has won KIONES’s prize for the most innovative offer and business provider. The Greek KIONES, or Cultural Association for Businesses Thessaloniki is an interactive business network of different fields and businesses with a goal to mutual business development and activity. The organization honors only one enterprise per year and this time their reward went to Poppy Dounou’s innovative E-Fit studio. Congratulations on the prize!

We interviewed Poppy in order to get to know her path towards this success. Let us share some of her experiences with E-Fit below.

  • Why did you start your business in the EMS industry?

    As I was an athlete before, it was clear for me that I wanted to do something connected with fitness and lifestyle. A friend of mine, who was running a successful E-Fit studio already in Athens, introduced me E-Fit. In January 2019 I opened my own E-Fit studio in Thessaloniki.

  • Why did you choose E-Fit?

    I made my decision first of all because of the device and technology. E-Fit Infinity is just an amazing high tech device! The wireless devices and particularly the dual application are a fantastic combination for advanced EMS trainings. The opportunity to place electrodes also on the calves makes it even more unique since you cannot find this option at the competitors’ portfolio. It’s a user-friendly software program, moreover an excellent design! I have been constantly getting very good feedbacks from my customers!

  • Are you satisfied with the E-Fit services?

    I really love the professionalism of E-Fit. Many thanks to the E-Fit Team for the continuous support! I have already recommended you to potential buyers in Greece and encouraged them to open their very own EMS studio and hopefully we will have an outcome soon.

If you are also interested in opening a new EMS studio and starting a unique and successful business, do not hesitate contact us via the following link: