One of the Most Successful International EMS Franchises Powered by E-Fit

In a previously published article we have already introduced you one of our most successful E-Fit franchises, the Personal20 chain, run by Pedro Ruiz. Until today, Pedro has opened and is prosperously operating 17 E-Fit studios in more than 6 countries. Are you interested in the secret behind the success of Personal20? In order the acquire the answer, read our interview with Pedro himself:

  • Why did you decide to launch your business in the EMS industry?

    Because EMS is the future of fitness and the fastest way to get fit. Any business that saves time to the consumers or helps them to become healthier is a winning horse. EMS does both.
  • Why did you choose E-Fit and when?

    We chose E-Fit in 2015 because it is the most professional and heavy-duty EMS equipment and the only WB-EMS provider with FDA clearance. I also checked the other competitor products, but the safety features of E-Fit convinced me. Especially the I.S.T., the Impulse Shift Technology was demonstrative, as this innovation reduces the electrical load on your body by 90% whilst does not lose from its effectiveness. I also like that E-Fit devices offer more settings options, allowing to tune the device for a wide variety of customer goals.

  • How do you judge your decision now?

    It was the best decision we ever made. Our success relies on the great care we took when choosing the right machine.

  • How would you recommend us to our new business partners and clients?

    Choose quality, choose experience, choose technology, choose innovation! Cheap competitors are popping up like mushrooms in Spain and China, but the quality of electrical signal is different (even if you cannot see it), that is why the customers' results are also better. The reliability of the E-Fit products are also many times higher, and the technical service is always available if you need support.

…so according to Pedro, among others, this led him to open another Personal20 studio lately. The brand new salon is located in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon and with its 200 square meter floor area, it became the biggest Personal20 Studio ever. The owner and CEO of E-Fit, Dr. Janos Papp also visited the new studio in Lisbon to congratulate personally on this achievement:

Read more about the new studio and the Personal20 concept here:

EMS-focused franchise operator Personal20 launches Lisbon studio

Personal20 launches Lisbon studio

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