Guideline to a Successful EMS Business

The 7P+ marketing mix applied by E-Fit’s Belgian distributor

The E-Fit’s Belgian distributors, Andy and Stephanie gave their enterprise a huge boost by establishing a unique and well-working business concept. As we previously showcased, over applying their experiences, professionalism and enthusiasm, they also brought to life a new marketing method. This pattern works on identifying, anticipating and satisfying human and social needs profitable1.

We intend to provide insight into this prosperous business approach, so below collected the key aspects of the 7P’s marketing mix model2. For easier understanding, we have supplemented the image with some additional explanations.

In the upcoming article, among others you can have a glimpse into our BeNeLux partner’s product portfolio, pricing strategy, location choices and services as well. We will share some marketing communication ideas too.

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1Philip Kotler – Kevin Lane Keller: Marketing Management 14th edition:

2The Chartered Institute of Marketing: Marketing and the 7Ps – A brief summery of marketing and how it works, 2009: