Interview with Andy – one of the most successful E-Fit Distributors

As we announced previously, our BeNeLux Distributor reached a new milestone in E-Fit’s history by opening the 100th E-Fit studio in the country. Not just the number of the studios is remarkable, but also the market penetration they achieved: on the Belgian EMS market 80% of all studios are E-Fit Studios. What is also worth mentioning is that the Belgian population identifies the EMS training with the E-Fit brand which is an outstanding result.

Are you curious about this success story? Read our interview below with Andy, the head of E-Fit Belgian Team to gain insight into the first steps of launching their business:

- Why did you start your business in the EMS industry?
- Me and my wife Stephanie were already running our own studio for 7 years when we decided to extend our service portfolio with something innovative. We were also considering to become distributors of a great device and this way help others in starting their own businesses.

- Why did you choose E-Fit and when (year)?
- I did not just want to distribute any same old product but a state of the art device that was going to change the business. That was the time I met E-Fit at an Expo in London in 2011 and I knew straight away that this was what I was looking for.

- How do you think about your decision?
…the best decision of my life. Working together with a professional company that develops the best and safest EMS devices.

- How would you recommend us for our new business partners?
- I would highly recommend E-Fit not just because you become part of the E-Fit family that really listens to what your needs are but also because we work together on making the best partnership possible.

The success story continues…

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