The E-Fit Team proudly introduces the new Impulse Shift Technology Plus (short form: IST+), that is already available in our latest models: E-Fit Beauty&Slim and E-Fit Infinity. During the last 7 years we continuously measured, examined and developed our unique patented technology in order to find the best solution. Now it is the time to activate the results of our work!

The method basically is the same as our liked IST technology: it provides a lightning fast, but seamless activation sequence between the channels ensuring that only one electrode pair is active at any given time. We noticed after a long term of use that muscle fibers and reactions could potentially adapted to the stimulation. IST+ Technology has a randomized waving effect during the contraction to solve the adaptation problem and to increase the effectiveness of the simulations with less current load.  The IST+ is not only a time switching method between the channels, but also a special power control during the contraction.

The new IST+ Technology with the multilevel modulation is now even safer, more effective and more sustainable compared to the traditional IST. Thanks to this new technology the E-Fit trainings with the new E-Fit Beauty&Slim and E-Fit Infinity takes you to the next level of EMS workouts.

Try and feel the new sensation at your nearest E-Fit Studio or in our Headquarter&Showroom in the heart of Budapest, Hungary!

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