The latest E-Fit technology is being utilized by bankers in the London Financial District and they do not even have to leave their offices or homes to get the perfect shape thanks to the unmatched capabilities and portability of the E-Fit Infinity EMS Device. The device has the latest wireless technology to help business people develop and maintain their fitness in a healthy and sustainable way. With more than 4 years success of this training method in Canary Wharf, now with E-Fit Infinity even pair or group workouts are available in the office or the private homes of the highly valued clients with the help of a highly qualified personal trainer.

Coaches' views on the new device: "A wholly different dimension opened up with this great new EMS device; the atmosphere, the venues, the exercises - Sky and Earth. No Limits! A great variety of different professional workouts can be performed with E-Fit Infinity without limits.