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Key of effectiveness

The E-Fit Cycling System provides quick and efficient improvement in endurance and fitness condition with patented EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology.
  • According to analytical measurements (i.e.: creatine-kinase and lactic-acid levels), a 20-minute-long E-Fit Cycling session is ~3 times more intensive and effective than a conventional 60-minute cycling term without muscle stimulation.
  • E-Fit Cycling Shorts generate 36000 micro-contractions during one workout in all the targeted muscle zones including deep muscle tissues, which make E-Fit Cycling highly effective and superior to traditional training methods.
  • Like all the other E-Fit systems, the E-Fit Cycling Shorts are easy on the joints, thereby preventing your body from any kind of injuries.

Maximize your capacity and achieve your goals faster with E-Fit!

Effectiveness and safety are crucial not only during training, but also when it comes to rehabilitation.

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For both

Maximize your performance faster with E-Fit!

After years of research, development and tests conducted by professional Belgian cyclists, E-Fit has launched its revolutionary new product, the E-Fit Cycling System. Come and discover our latest innovation, that will definitely transform the world of cycling sports.

Our brand new development is powered by the E-Fit Wireless Unit that is attached to the Cycling Shorts with magnetic connectors. The resulting system is operated with the Infinity EMS controller, making both the indoor and outdoor cycling sessions faster, stronger and better.

E-Fit Cycling System has been designed to extend your regular cycling training by

  • Enhancing the muscle work
  • Raising the effectiveness
  • Reducing the average pedaling time
  • Improved fat-burning effect
  • Continuous muscle-stimulation
  • The E-Fit Cycling System

    The E-Fit Infinity

    is available since the end of 2017 and quickly became our clients’ top choice, as it allows up to ten users to train simultaneously while being connected via a secure, peer to peer (P2P) wireless connection.

    To make dress up/undress simple and fast, the Wireless Unit and the Technical Suits are connected with Magnetic connectors.

    Deep muscle stimulation of key muscles for cyclists with E-Fit Cycling System

    • The 9 most important muscles for cycling are all activated.
    • The electrodes act simultaneously and separately during training.
    • The elastic and breathable material allows proper positioning of the unique E-Fit electrodes optimized for pedaling.
    • Made of light, breathable and high-quality materials.
    • Comfortable, flexible and easy to maintain.

    The 9 most important muscle groups for cycling

    • 1. Gluteus maximus
    • 2. Vastus lateralis
    • 3. Rectus femoris
    • 4. Gracilis
    • 5. Semitendinosus
    • 6. Gluteus medius
    • 7. Rectus abdominis
    • 8. Gastrocnemius
    • 9. Tibials anterior


    Boost your training results, speed up and improve your stamina with E-Fit Cycling System!

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