E-Fit Cardio

Novelty in cardio training

We have developed the E-Fit Cardio device in order to offer an alternative to the training and beauty centres as well as service units. The scope of the device is the opportunity to expand their product/ service range, which allows further development of the current fleet with minimum support requirement from a personal trainer. The service is designed to speed up and streamline traditional cardio exercises carried out on cardio devices. The personal trainer covers only the technical wear change and workout planning tasks. This new service has the advantage that by opening a new marketing channel, a completely new target audience becomes available.

E-Fit puts special emphasis on appropriate training program developments and, as the rest of the devices, the E-Fit Cardio device was also preceded by lengthy research and development, thus providing opportunity to everyone for effective application. During the product planning stage, various technical peripherals have been used to ensure the synergetic use of E-Fit Cardio device with a wide variety of traditional cardio equipment, such as elliptical trainer, rowing machine or steppers.

It is suitable to train 6 muscle groups (lower back, abs, gluteus, calves, quadriceps and hamstrings) through 6 output channels. This type of cardio exercise is very popular due to the short training time, high efficiency and semi-autonomous nature (assistance and support-need is minimal).


Higher efficiency thanks to the shortened training time

6 different programs specially developed for cardio exercises

Special shorts with high waist for the training of the lower body

Firmer skin thanks to the unique technology

Supplementary to body treatments to increase efficiency

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