Spacefit from E-Fit

Space-Fit Ltd.

Electric muscle stimulation space wear to improve the rehabilitation of astronauts returning from space missions

Their team is working on the development of a Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation Space Wear. The product provides a solution to improve the rehabilitation of astronauts returning from space missions, but it can also be used during space flights and preparation as a complementary training method of the current forms of exercises. The main innovation of the technology is the integrated dry electrode and biosensor system. With this new technology, the stimulation (impulse transmission) is ensured without the use of water or conductive gel. The Space Wear is equipped with different biosensors, thus providing the opportunity to monitor the user's physical condition and training intensity.

Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS), has a decades-long history in the field of sports, fitness, and rehabilitation. The electrical impulses reach the targeted muscle group through the skin via electrodes, thereby enabling the improvement of metabolic processes and increasing the efficiency of training.

Astronauts' skeletal muscles, bones, and cardiovascular system are severely affected by even a few days of space travel. In a microgravity environment, the lack of gravitational load on the body causes significant muscle and bone loss, which cannot be compensated properly with even intensive traditional trainings. Atrophy can also develop under terrestrial conditions as a result of aging, numerous diseases, or a sedentary lifestyle, which entails significant health risks. Our product provides an alternative solution to these problems.


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