E-FIT 3.0 event in Belgium

E-FIT 3.0 event in Belgium

Our Benelux distributor organised the E-FIT 3.0 event in Belgium on the 7th of December, where they hosted more than 100 people from the different E-Fit Studios in the country. The main purpose of the event was to meet Annelies & Virgil as new CEO's of E-Fit Benelux, to wrap up the year 2022 and to look into the future of E-Fit.

At the event they projected their plans (sales, marketing, quality improvements, optimalisations) for 2023 and also interviewed some studio's, who shared there tips and success stories with the colleagues. János Papp, the CEO and Roland Meszter the sales director of E-Fit were also invited to meet the Belgian E-Fit studio's and share some information about E-Fit International and the quality improvements they made.

This event was a good opportunity to meet with all the studio's and strengthen E-Fit community.

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