Dear E-Fit Trainer, Guest, Partner,

In view of the global COVID-19 epidemiological situation, we would like to ask you to comply with the following hygiene rules during each E-Fit workout to ensure your and your guests' safety!

Cleaning of technical clothing and electrodes:

  • E-Fit technical clothing should be regularly disinfected!
  • Use disinfectant on the Technical Clothes' exterior and interior surfaces after each workout!
  • Do not use dirty, contaminated technical clothing because of the potential risk of infection.
  • After 15 workouts, rinse clothing to ensure proper hygiene.
  • Always wash by hand, and use a chlorine-free rinse or softener. Do not use a washing machine to prevent damage to cables and electrodes. Electrodes and cables can remain in place during washing.
  • After washing, rinse the technical clothing thoroughly, then hang it and let it dry in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not use centrifuge, dryer machine or iron!
  • Do not expose clothing to direct sunlight!
  • Use a chlorine-free or other non-corrosive rinse with warm water to clean the electrodes.
  • Use a soft cotton towel for drying.
  • Cleaning of the underclothing:

  • Trainings can only be started with clean underclothings!
  • In the washing machine, clean the E-Fit 95% cotton underclothing at 40 degrees using a rinse!
  • After washing and drying (do not use a dryer machine), store the underclothes in a clean, dry place.
  • We recommend all E-Fit clients to have their own clothing (underclothing and technical wear) to ensure maximum hygiene. For more information and our special offer please email us via:

    How to clean E-Fit devices (head, holders and units):

  • Spray with disinfectant on a clean and smooth cloth and wipe the device,
    holder and units with it after each workout!
  • You can also use a damp cloth with disinfectant for this purpose.
  • Cleaning of exercise equipment:

    If you use any sports equipment (rubber ball, dumbbells, TRX rope, etc.) for training, disinfect them after each use!

    Usage of mask and rubber gloves:

    The trainer should wear a mask and clean rubber gloves during the workout for maximum safety and to avoid infection.

    For any additional cleaning / disinfection / precautionary related questions you may have, please contact!

    We wish everyone a safe and pleasant workout!
    Stay positive, fit and healthy!

    With our best wishes,
    E-Fit HQ Team