Dear Antonio, thank you for accepting our interview request. Last July you became E-Fit’s new exclusive distributor for Spain, but this fact is not the only reason why you can provide us with very important information and insights about the brand, products and EMS technology itself. As someone who has been actively training with the E-Fit EMS devices for several years now and found their impact improving and life-changing (Mr Antonio Reyes is also the president of a famous Catalan NGO created to support people affected with spinal cord injury and in general with physical disabilities, called Asociación Aspaym Catalunya), we honestly believe that everyone can learn from your story and experiences.

  • My first questions would be: how long have you known and been using the E-Fit technology?

  • I’ve been actively working out with the E-Fit devices since April 2013.

  • How has your life changed since you started training with E-Fit?

  • I have been evidencing the effects of E-Fit training from the very beginning, it has a pleasant and deep impact on my physical condition. The continuity of E-Fit training has given me greater muscle tone, strength and endurance that I apply in my training of: swimming and / or pilates. It gave me undoubtedly more personal autonomy. It also had a great positive impact on my alpine skiing technique, with improved trunk control (physics) and endurance. In my water skiing practice I also noticed resistance improvements.

  • Have you ever made a numerical assessment of your own development?

  • No, I haven’t. I use E-Fit as a base training and self-training.

  • Did you acquire experiences with the competitors’ products? What do you think, what's better and/or different in them compared to the E-Fit devices?

  • Yes, I did and I think that the majority of them is acceptable for training but if we compare them with E-Fit, the result is negative (it is also true that E-Fit was the 1st that I used continuously). Because of my previous responsibility as CEO and later external consultant of E-Fit in Spain, I have collaborated and had direct experience with some brands and / or personal training centers. I am also attentive to meet and experience the rest of the Spanish market operators. That is why I think my opinions is quite objective (and ... somewhat less subjective). Let me summarize the main differences: the devices are very user friendly, the training feeling is pleasant, assimilable and at the same time very effective. My opinion is that the work of the progressive wave that E-Fit offers, makes a clear difference from the rest of the market operators.

  • As a person with reduced mobility, would you recommend the E-Fit trainings and treatments to people in similar situations?

  • Without a doubt, in Spain we are in a new project that is marked one of its objectives to promote this type of training with E-Fit, especially for users with reduced mobility profile.

  • Can you tell us a bit more about this whole new direction in which you plan to start your business?

  • Spain is a very mature and competitive market for mid-range products and prices. Yes, these products are able to provide the basic functions (of EMS) but do not add value in terms of quality or user satisfaction. In Spain, EMS training is considered to be a workout that is followed by severe fatigue and muscle stiffness so it is considered to be something excessively hard. Ergo the perception of EMS in large part is negative because of the previous baseless bad rumours.

    In long-term we must focus on personal training with added-value, quality, and highly-trained interlocutors who value E-Fit technology. We will not intend to sell devices to those who do not understand THE E-FIT PHILOSOPHY. Our bet, after these years related to the sector, does not generate doubts, I am convinced of it.

  • How will you combine E-Fit with rehabilitation and pilates?

  • The Product - Service, which we propose to develop will have 3 lines of work that we will combine according to each user profile. These lines of work are:

    1. Conscious work and body movement
    2. Pilates
    3. Functional training with E-Fit.

    With technical profiles formed in physiotherapy, oriented to physical activity and pilates method and / or sports performance.

  • What are your near – far goals with E-Fit, what is your vision for Spain?

  • To develop personal training spaces targeting people with physical pathologies. Rehabilitation, training for people with reduced mobility, without ruling out sports performance.

  • During our previous meeting you mentioned 10 cases where people with reduced mobility have achieved great results with E-Fit. Can you tell us some more about their great results?

  • Yes! The results were 80% positive. It was especially difficult in one of the cases with Tetraplegia. For instance at a specific case we experienced a remarkable success: a lady about 35 years old with tetraplegia disability, after the 6th training session with E-Fit & physio-pilates, was able to move herself from the restroom to her wheelchair alone for the first time. Until that date, she was always assisted. What is even better, she got better very quickly, her strength and physical control have improved significantly. But let me mention an other case: we have a 45-year-old male guest with herniated discs for more than 10 years and has no possibility for surgical operation. Despite being somatized (has become accustomed to live with pain), by the 6th training session he could forget his chronic pain. He is a food-trader and reported enthusiastically how good and strong he felt after the workouts that he even decided to clean the windows of his shop.

  • How do you see the role of E-Fit in Spain in spite of the high price competition in the market? Why is it still worth to offer premium service?

  • The reason behind E-Fit’s higher prices needs to be well explained in Spain. Our position of providing an expensive product portfolio will force us to explain and demonstrate why one should invest in E-Fit for double or triple the price compared to the rest of the operators on the Spanish market. We need to train professionals very well, communicate rigorously to potential users, and mark the difference between us and the traditional personal trainers’ market.

    Thank you Antonio for the useful information. We wish you luck and success on the path you commenced!

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