In our previous article (Brazilian success story part1) Fernanda gave us a comprehensive overview of the Brazilian fitness and EMS market, as well as the incentive that led them to launch their very own E-Fit business in Brazil. In the continuation of their story, she will give us insight into the operation, marketing assets and long-term goals of E-Fit Brazil franchise…

  • How does the current E-Fit Brazil Team look like?

  • We currently have an administrative/commercial team - composed of 6 people responsible for managing the 2 own studios, the sales of the new devices, the franchise expansion and all the communication. In addition, we have a technical team composed of 8 people responsible for the classes and the training.

  • That sounds very well-structured! Would you also share how does your training system look like? What are your requirements from your partners’ side?

  • For all our partners who buy an E-Fit device or open an own E-Fit studio, we offer 16 hours of face-to-face education. Once this is done, each participant needs to be certified at the E-Fit Academy by taking an online exam and submitting a video of approximately 15 minutes simulating an E-Fit workout session. These trainings are led by our partner Eduardo Silva - level 2 at E-Fit Academy. In addition to the initial technical training, Eduardo is also responsible for updating training. Finally, we periodically conduct sales and behavioral training to maintain the quality of service in all areas. We consider training an extremely important part of maintaining good quality and positive E-Fit image that contribute to the successful business here, in Brazil.

  • I absolutely agree: One of the main principles of E-Fit is to keep striving for the best quality! As a company that is operating in franchise system: what are the main USP-s of your business?

  • Although we have finalized our franchise documentation only in the recent past, we have structured the business consistently and promisingly. Our main objective in this business is to expand the E-Fit brand throughout Brazil and strengthen its present on the market. Our franchise consists of a studio with 2 E-Fit Infinity (and optionally 1 E-Fit Beauty&Slim) devices willing to have 200 clients/month. This business model is very attractive, because break-even is fast and easily achievable. In addition, as noted before, the EMS market is new and booming in Brazil.

  • What do you think, what is the key of your success?

  • Dedication. Dedication to sales, service, care, support and communication towards all audiences.

  • What marketing tools, activities are you using? Which one is the most successful?

  • Currently our biggest strength is social media - especially Instagram, but we are also targeting some further important advertising channels, such as: up-to-date website, partnerships, prints, adwords, SEO etc. I also have to mention that in 2019 we participated at the hugest fitness fair of Latin-America, the IHRSA which was a great experience with even greater results! (Watch the photo gallery about the event below) We met super enthusiastic people who were introduced to the E-Fit brand and by the end of the year we sold 100% of our initial kit. It was a lot of work, professionalism and learning too!

  • What are your goals for the near and far future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • We are very optimistic about the future: It is worth mentioning that due to the delay of the Anvisa documentation’s procurement, we had to work in a soft opening mode until we received the official certification. Even if we had started the studio disclosures only in July 2019, we have already won 60 active clients by middle fall and the first studio has a capacity of over 250 clients. Since the Anvisa final approval, we have been growing on an increase of around 20% per month. With this momentum our plan is to open 50 E-Fit studios in the next 5 years.

  • Very ambitious plans, can’t wait to be part of your exciting journey towards your goal! How is your new studio’s preparation going? When did you hold the grand opening?

  • Our new studio is in an important and thriving neighborhood of Sao Paulo city, which is the economic capital of Brazil, it is called Tatuapé. The grand opening of the studio was scheduled for early December, so we started the pre-sale actions and disclosures the week before. Check out our Instagram profile here: Instagram: @efit_tatuape and don’t forget to visit us there if you have 25 minutes of your time for a quick but very efficient workout! ;)

    Thank you for the interview Fernanda, it was very instructive and interesting.

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