The new E-Fit flagship store in Belgium – The key is: physical evidence and process

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the first seven articles introducing our Belgian partners’ journey towards success, and honestly believe that you will find the last chapter of this series useful, too. In the 8th, final article we are very pleased to present in detail the brand new studio and showroom of Stephanie and Andy.

This new outstanding flagship store is the perfect opportunity to showcase the last two elements of the 7P, the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE and the PROCESS. Besides the studio’s main service, the EMS training, the end result and customer satisfaction are greatly influenced by the design, atmosphere and premium material elements too.

Since our Belgian distributors are focusing on providing premium services, quality was a top priority when started designing the studio and selecting the right elements to fit in there.

High quality is also evident in the pictures:

When choosing the ideal venue of the new flagship store, they focused on finding a place that is situated in the central part of the country and also close to the highway. The new Belgian E-Fit showroom is a 2-storey, 300 m2 spot that provides enough space to display all E-Fit products.

Andy and Stephanie have managed to convince the beautiful Evy Gruyaert, the well-known health and lifestyle celebrity to become the official face and representative of the studio. Her personality fits perfectly with the quality communicated by E-Fit, and her reputation attracts even more guests to the salon. All this resulted that the day after the official store-opening, each and every bookable training session have already been reserved.

At this point we arrived to the importance of the 7th „P”, which stands for PROCESS. All guests expect the same high-quality service, thus the processes must be precisely defined, and protocols need to be set and followed. Andy and Stephanie are following the training protocols defined by E-Fit HQ, which they have developed, supplemented and successfully applied to their own local processes in over 100 Belgian E-Fit studios.

After the 8-part E-Fit success story in Belgium, have your started feeling like opening your own E-Fit studio?

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