HR tips for EMS studios

The most essential part of any prosperous business is finding and employing the right people who can contribute to your success. Not only the trainers or the front line staff are important, but also the management of the new E-Fit studio. Owning and managing an EMS studio is not suitable for everyone, although E-Fit’s Belgium distributors, Stephanie and Andy provide all the important know-how to make it easier. According to our experiences in the EMS-market we collected the following 3 essential steps, tasks when it comes to HR topic:

  1. Find the right people
  2. Educate the selected new members: knowledgable staff
  3. Build a great, strong team

Get to know more about each steps:

  1. The first key step as an EMS distributor is to find the right business partners who are willing to accept the concept and process of running an E-Fit studio. It is equally important for the studio owner to find the best trainers who are not only competent in their profession, but also have outstanding communication and social skills. Stephanie and Andy was very successful in this:
  2. The second step is the education of the managers and the trainers. Every new studio owner receives constant consultancy and mentoring whenever they need it. They give advices about how to set up the studio, how to recruit the staff, how to do marketing, how to make profit, etc. For the E-Fit EMS trainers E-Fit Belgium provides their own 3-level education where they (and the managers also) learn the theoretical backround of the EMS, the operation of the E-Fit devices, the contraindications, the individual settings, the recommended excercises, etc. At the end of the first level trainers are able to operate the device with basic settings. During the middle level, they get a better understanding of EMS and also a sales focused coaching. The last, third level focuses more on the E-Fit devices’ individual settings to offer solutions for clients with specific needs such as back or other physiotherapeutic problems. Have a look into the E-Fit educations in Belgium:
  3. If you already have the right, knowledgable people, your task is to keep them by your side as long as possible. Always make them feel that they are involved in a community and part of a great and strong team and your job will become easier too. Stephanie and Andy for example often organize for all their partners and studio owners gatherings where they can meet, share their experiences and develop further. Check out some photos from the last events:

Do you also want to be part of a fit, inspirational and continuously developing team? Contact us and join the E-Fit Community!