80% E-Fit market share in Belgium - the key steps of this success

In this article we will reveal the business concept of our Belgian partners which has been applied in more than 100 studios and has yielded the brand new flagship store in Denze too. At the end of this article there is a sneak peek of this new studio.

Did you know that E-Fit Belgium owns 80% of the Belgian EMS market?

According to the number of EMS studios in Belgium ont he 30th of April, 2019.

Did you know that E-Fit is so successful, that the generally accepted term for “EMS training” in Belgium is E-Fit, regardless of the actual brand?

We asked Stephanie and Andy how they became market leaders in Belgium. They key steps in short:

As you could read in our previous articles, Stephanie and Andy started everything by opening their own fitness studio, years before discovering E-Fit EMS devices. They gained crucial experience during that period and in partnership with the E-Fit sales team, they collected the know-how of opening and operating a successful EMS studio. They established a studio chain concept which is more than a regular franchise system; it is a custom-made scheme, that exceedingly satisfies local business needs. Their E-Fit scheme offers:

-          Knowledge transfer: how to set up and run a profitable studio

-          E-Fit products, accessories and supplements

-          Multi-level education system

-          Marketing support and online appearance

-          Strong back office and technical service

As a result of this successful concept the E-Fit brand is continuously expanding.

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