Here again E-Fit Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) training effectively helped to push boundaries of professional athletes. This time E-Fit has contributed the Hungarian Freediving Team to achieve their goals in Innsbruck on the 6th ASKOE Tyrolean Apnea Cup.

They have used the E-Fit Infinity device during the preparation period twice a week, in combination with:

  • strengthening exercises in group training for treating and developing the deeper muscle fibres
  • cardio training to improve the endurance on cross trainers combined with elevation hypoxi mask that helps to increase the tolerance against high level of CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • Watch our video about the preparation:

    Freediving training

    The E-Fit Team would like to congratulate to the winners, Attila Reményi, Marcell Bagó and Miklós Borsos who have won multiple medals (1xgold, 1xsilver and 2xbronze) medals in STA (Static Apnea) and DNF (Dynamic Without Fins) disciplines.