E-Fit Dual Trainer

Electro-fitness in new spotlight

Thanks to E-Fit innovations, the state-of-the-art, high-tech E-Fit Dual Trainer device provides new business and fitness opportunities. The unique, innovative solutions allow the training of 2 people in a synchronised fashion, thus providing an alternative to those who prefer to work out in pairs. The E-Fit device developed by expert engineers is safe, aesthetic and easy to use. To ensure premium quality, the device is made of tempered glass on top and has an aluminium alloy casing.

Single Mode

Makes the most sophisticated settings of the electrical muscle stimulation training possible. It is suitable to customise the settings of the E-Fit machine to one individual, and train 10 muscle groups (biceps, triceps, lower back, upper back, pectoral, abs, gluteus, calves, quadriceps and hamstrings through 10 output channels.

Dual Mode

Two customers can get synchronised training with different settings—it is possible to customise settings for each client on 6 channels for 9 muscle groups (biceps and triceps, lower back, upper back, pectoral, abs, gluteus, quadriceps and hamstrings) to the specific needs of each person separately. So there will be a fully synchronised, but different level of exercise, according to the level of fitness and needs of the clients.


Possibility of dual training

Cloud-based training management system through Android application

RFID card reader system

Individual parameters available

7” TFT LCD display with user-friendly menu

Innovative Impulse-Shift Technology (IST)

Battery operated option

LED lighting

Tempered glass and CNC processed aluminium mono-block house

E-Fit™ – Expert in EMS for Fitness, Medical, Beauty and Wellness
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